APTA Expo 2002 - Las Vegas Convention Center
a photo diary by Kim Pedersen
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Aerobus had a nice display of their suspended monorail system. They assure us they will send us lots of pictures of the system they are prepearing to build in China.

Larry Guise of Michelin explains some of the features of their monorail/subway/peoplemover tires to Rodney. Monorail technology not only continues to evolve, but subparts such as tire technology advance as well. Larry explained how minor changes in tread design reduce noise levels.

A nice surprise was on display by Bombardier. The first MVI for the Las Vegas Monorail system was trucked all the way from the Bombardier facility in Kingston, Canada. This is no mock up friends, it's the real deal.

While there are similarities to the Mark VI trains of Walt Disney World, major changes have been made to both the car design and the suspension system.

One neat design element has been added strictly for looks on the skirts. They told me these are called "warp lights."

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