APTA Expo 2002 - Las Vegas Convention Center
a photo diary by Kim Pedersen
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A ramp allowed visitors to climb up and take a look inside the slick-looking MVI train. Note the wheelchair space on the right.

Gib raises the side panel for a look at the load and guide tires. Yes, he had permission!

I was told by one Bombardier engineer that the bogie design is radically different from Mark VI trains of WDW.

Looking sideways under the nose of the train I was able to get a good look at the bumper, hidden from view beneath the nose cone of the train.

Here's a good look at the guide tires next to the demonstration steel beam that the train sat upon. Bombardier representatives told me the train was headed back to Kingston for testing on their new test track facility. The new test track will feature sharp turns similar to the kind Las Vegas will have.

KVBC TV Channel 3's Reporter Tom Hawley interviewed me for one of several reports made on the convention (Tom is on the right). A special thanks to Tom for doing three separate stories on monorail alone with some great plugs for TMS! Behind us is the Sahara Station construction. Expo 2002 was a success and I think monorail took a big step forward due to the forward-thinking monorail builders of Las Vegas. Thanks to all for making our visit a good one.

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