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Over 14,000 members, in 104 countries, on 6 continents!

Founded in 1989, The Monorail Society is an all-volunteer organization founded to promote and foster awareness of monorails. This unique method of transportation is NOT just for theme parks and zoos! Our aim is to inform people of the many possible uses of monorail. Every day monorail systems around the world carry hundreds of thousands of passengers safely and efficiently to their destinations. If more monorails were built and government funded (comparable to highway construction), people would choose clean, electric, efficient transit over the automobile.

Efforts of The Monorail Society (TMS) members have helped monorail gain acceptance as an alternative to conventional rail, buses and cars. Several monorail projects have benefited from the efforts of TMS and its members. Before TMS, there was no all-encompassing information source on monorail; today we have over 580 pages of content.

Please join us and help bring about more monorail transit systems. We'd love to have you aboard!

Kim Pedersen
President/Founder                  tmsmonorails@gmail.com

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