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  • Citizens for King County Monorail is a group advocating the creation of a citizens commission to study and prepare plans for a county-wide monorail system. Inspired by the efforts of monorailists in Seattle, this group would like to see monorail spread beyond the borders the City of Seattle, Washington.
  • Fresno Area Sky Train Committee, California. Organization promoting monorail for Fresno-Clovis, California.
  • Los Angeles Orange Monorail System. Longtime Alweg-type monorail supporter Gerald Chenick's website suggests monorail for the automobile city of America.
  • Marin-Sonoma Counties Monorail, California. Promoting monorail for counties north of San Francisco.
  • San Diego Monorail. Site owner Fred Willis states "Monorails are the only means of commuter transit likely to allow any further transit expansion between central San Diego and north San Diego communities because of the strength of environmental groups protecting intervening wetlands."
  • Seattle Friends of the Monorail, Washington. Organization backing an expanded monorail system for Seattle.

  • Note: These sites are produced and maintained independently of The Monorail Society.

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