Construction Gallery - Daegu, South Korea.

August 2011 photos and captions by Spencer McCall
Images Copyright © 2011 McCall Image Edge Photography. All rights reserved.

A view of the construction on the road towards the intersection of Road #23 Dongcheon-dong, Chilgok 3

The construction of the Monorail outside Myeongdeok subway station, Daegu.

Looking across the river at Dongcheon-dong, Chilgok 3.

A view of the Monorail heading south towards downtown Daegu from Dongcheon-dong, Chilgok 3.

Looking North along the Palgyeocheon River from one of the future stations in Dongcheon-dong, Chilgok 3.

006 The Monorail bridge connecting the Seo-gu (West) and Buk-gu (North) districts of Daegu City to Chilgok 3, spanning the Geumho-gang, or Geumho River. 

A second view of the Monorail bridge connecting the Seo-gu (West) and Buk-gu (North) districts to Daegu City, spanning the Geumhogang, or Geumho River.*

Art rendering of what may turn out to be the world's most beautiful monorail bridge.

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