Construction Gallery - Mumbai Monorail, India.

December 2010 photos by
Jaap Ketel, International Monorail Association (Monorailex)

Jaap Ketel visited the Mumbai Monorail construction site in December of 2010. He was kind enough to share the following pictures with Monorail Society members. Above: the frame of the OMSF (Operations Maintenance and Storage Facility).

Mumbai's graceful pylons are going up at a feverish pace. Obviously there is a lot of rebar in each support.

While the track goes up, stations are beginning to appear along the alignment as well.

This station's structure construction is progressing quickly.

Site sweeper poses for Jaap's camera as pylon and station work continues behind him.

New pylons in an unpopulated area of Mumbai. Note the triangular form for the upper portion of the supports

Congested areas of Mumbai now have monorail pylons too. The first segment of the monorail is scheduled to open in 2011.

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