Construction Gallery - Port Harcourt, Nigeria

January 2014 photos courtesy of Gibb Engineering & Science

All stages of pylon construction from right to left:
rebar, reusable form, curing concrete, top form attachment and completed pylons.

Steel framework of stations was being installed in May of 2013.

A few months later in December of 2013, the sleek lines of station design were becomng evident.

Cement delivered to ramps of station.

Panorama of mid-course station.

The first three-station Phase IA will be single-lane with an emergency walkway. In Phase 1B the track will be dual-lane. Rivers Monorail is actually somewhat of a hybrid tram/monorail system. The track on straight track is made up of two separate beams. If this were the case for the entire alignment, The Monorail Society definition for monorail would not apply. However, all curved track is enclosed, singular guideway. Rivers Monorail is indeed at least partially 'monorail.'

August 2014 Construction Photos

January 2014 Construction Photos

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