Construction Gallery - Sentosa Express, Singapore
April 8, 2006 - Page Two of Two

Photos by Yoshitaka Hirabaya

Say hello to Miss Blue! The Sentosa Express trains are a colorful assortment of two-car trains. We're at the storage/maintenance facility and Miss Blue is sitting on a transfer track switch.

Even though the Hitachi Small class of monorail is smaller than Hitachi's other monorail systems, it still features a flat floor and walk-through trains. To reduce weight, bogies are shared between cars.

Train-to-train transfers are possible through doors at each end, as well as side-to-side transfers.

Hello Miss Orange. What an unusual combination of colors you have.

Miss Purple shows off her substantial car-to-car hardware.

And finally we meet Miss Green. Thanks again to Mr. Hirabaya for taking the time to shoot these pictures and share them with us!

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