Disneyland Monorail's new surroundings
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another Monorail Society Exclusive!

Here's a view from the Grand Californian courtyard. Only with monorail can you wrap a luxury hotel around the track, because the trains are whisper quiet. This is the second tunnel before the monorail crosses Disneyland Drive. Up there in the corner is where yours truly's family stayed while visiting, Room 4128. My son Kory is up there with his Dr. Pepper shirt on. Gee, I wonder why we picked this room?
Maybe this is why, what a view! Again you see my son Kory, only this time he's down in the court warning me when to get my camera ready for the approaching monorail. Unfortunately this image was taken a bit late in the day, and the light was low. That's why the train is a bit blurry, but it's still a very special picture. Why? Because that's our very own TMS Southern California Representative, Teri-Lynn Wheeler, doing the driving. Nice job lady!
Another view down in the Grand Californian court. Before too long the many redwood trees will grow up and fill the court with even more green. I have to add, we loved this hotel! It's really spectacular inside, but we'll leave all the Disney fan sites to provide you with images of that. If you stay here, you are only footsteps away from the front entrance of Disneyland and you have your own entrance into California Adventure. As far as the new park goes, I think it needs some serious work to get up to Disney standards. This is just personal opinion, you can judge for yourself if you visit it.
More evidence of the kind of landscaping possible along a monorail corridor.
Arts and Crafts architecture wraps around monorail track. This is in front of the Grand Californian Conference Center.

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