Daejeon Maglev - a Photo Essay
photos and commentary by Luke Starkenburg

The unique arch design of this bridge enables the maglev track to suspend over eight lanes of traffic.

Thousands of people drive under the maglev everyday.  I wonder how many people know much about this train and the technology?

Another view of this distinctive bridge.  The single arch crosses over the track supporting it with cables.

One of the more scenic sections of the track, the maglev crosses a small stream as it nears the Museum Station.

Here is a close up of the train showing the undercarriage and the electrical pick-up shoes.

This shot shows the track crossing the stream.  The arch bridge is just visible on the right of the picture as well as some of the structures making up the Expo Park.

This is the exterior of the Museum Station.  The main museum building is to the left of the blue sphere.

Both stations feature safety barriers with doors that open in sync with the train doors.  I wish more transit systems in the USA were built with platform screen doors such as these. Thanks for coming along on our 1-km ride.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Hopefully, soon we can ride a longer, faster, double track version of this demonstration line at the airport!

Our sincere thanks to TMS member Luke Starkenburg for taking the time to share these images and comments!

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