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Pictures and commentary by Kim Pedersen

The Japanese are not afraid to build their infrastructure BIG! While their citizens may accept this kind of massive monorail/double roadway next to their apartment buildings, it's doubtful that this could be built in other parts of the world.

The expressway and monorail part company after Kitagawa Station (left). This image shows both steel and concrete beamways and supports. In March of 2005, the Kyushu Island suffered a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The monorail was in an area where the magnitude was 4.0. All monorail related structures survived intact and the monorail was back in operation within three hours of the quake.

We're getting further and further away from downtown, into the hills of the southern area of Kitakyushu City. More apartment complexes are along the alignment here.

Most stations are designed alike, which makes it easy for people to find their way through the ticket purchasing process, as well as finding the correct station platform for their direction of travel.

Large apartment complexes dot the landscape, with volcanic-produced hills in the distance.

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