Disneyland's Mark VII - a Photo Essay
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Photo by Kim Pedersen
Monorail Pilot Don smiles from the Downtown Disney Station as he notices those amusing monorailists shooting pictures left, right, up and down. Note how rounded the new cab design is. The Mark Vs sported more of a Lear Jet straight line window shape. The new design harkens back to the original Mark I, II and III designs. The bubble front actually provides more cabin space because of its curved shape.

Photo by James Horecka
Somebody has been shopping at the Lego Store! What's in the bag, man? Monorail Blue departs Downtown Disney Station and leans to the right on the most overbanked portion of the 1961 track, the beginning of Zone 8.

Photo by Kim Pedersen
I captured this image of the same train seconds later as it moved away from us towards the park entrance plaza.

Photo by Kim Pedersen
There's a beautiful green walking path in Zone 8. This green zone monorail strip would be a fabulous transit alignment option for many cities. No overhead spider web of wires, no wide track paths in pavement, and especially...no danger to pedestrians.

Photo by Kim Pedersen
Monorail Red as seen from the park entrance plaza. The train is coming out of Zone 9, which features the newest monorail track at the resort. In the early 1990s, the Zone 8 & 9 track alignment was altered to curve around an area where the Indiana Jones Adventure was to be built. Notice that the Mark VIIs have an open view of the framework and wheel area on the sides of the beam. All prior Mark series monorails had a skirt face to hide this area from public view.

Photo by Kim Pedersen
After climbing to the highest section of the track at Zone 12 and crossing over Zone 1 track, the Zone 13 beam makes a graceful downhill bank over the Autopia ride. Hmmm, monorails over traffic? Now there's an idea! Not much Autopia traffic on this day; perhaps monorail was taking drivers off the highway.

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