Monorails of North America


Newark International Airport, New Jersey

 Opened 1996

 4.8 km

8 stations 


Newark's monorail started out as Von Roll's most extensive system to date. During construction, Von Roll sold its monorail technology to Adtranz. Adtranz added major modifications including the design of completely new switches. Within a few years, Adtranz built a 1.6 km extension of the airport monorail to a new Amtrak station on the heavily traveled Northeast Corridor. The monorail now carries passengers between parking lots, rental car facilities, three terminal stations and the rail station on the Northeast Corridor. Adtranz has since been acquired by Bombardier, and no Von Roll-based technology monorail has been built since, yet the Newark International Airport Monorail has become a hit for those wishing a rail connected flight to or from the area. An average 2 million paid passengers ride the system each year, in addition to the millions that ride for free within the airport grounds.

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