Sydney Monorail - a Photo Essay
photos and commentary by Kim Pedersen

As vehicles sometimes have a tendency to run into fixed objects, collision-absorbant planters have been strategically placed to protect pylons when the line is in the street. More greenery thanks to monorail!

The track makes a tight 90 degree turn after World Square Station and heads north along Pitt Street. Minimum curve radius for Von Roll's monorail track is 20 meters. Notice there are only three pylons required for the entire turn.

Isn't it odd how monorail can create such controversy over aesthetics and concerns of imposition on the environment? Such a tiny, tiny structure compared to everything that surrounds it, yet some people go ballistic if monorail is proposed for their streets. Von Roll guideway for Mk IIIs is a mere 70 centimeters wide (28 inches).

Same section of track, as seen from the back of the monorail. For a nice Wallpaper picture of the monorail in front of that Art Deco building you see on the right, be sure to visit our Wallpaper Page.

No trouble with traffic, 'Pepsi' just powers right on through the intersection at up to 60 kph. Sydney Town Hall is seen in the distance, all decked out for Christmas.

Galleries Victoria Station, as well as City Centre Station tucked away inside the building to the right. Maximum gradients for Sydney Monorail are 4/4% uphill and 6.5% downhill. It's not a flat ride, as you might think.

One last view from Sydney Tower shows the building that houses City Centre Station. Looks like we've completed the circuit. But wait... there's more!

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