Genre: EMS (Attractive)
Status: Certified for Passenger Use
Guideway Suspension/Guidance: Passive
Guideway Propulsion: Semi-Active
Power Transfer: Inductive
Nominal Airgap: 10 mm (3/8th inch)

Transrapid is (arguably) the most developed maglev system in the world. Now in its 8th generation, (the TR08,) is the first high-speed (500 km/h) maglev system to deployed in a commercial environment. A 19.5 mile (30 km), double-track line connects Shanghai to the new Pudong International Airport. With a peak commercial operating speed of 267 miles per hour (430 km/h), each one-way trip has a duration of eight minutes. The main line of the project is a double-track system, with a 1.9 mile (3 km) single-track spur to the maintenance facility.

Shanghai's Transrapid Line

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