The Monorail Society Pin!

Members only - see Monorail Store to purchase.

It'll look great on you and you'll help get the word out on monorails! This is our soft enamel lapel based on The Monorail Society logo. At one and a half inches wide, this pin will stand out no matter how you wear it. It makes a great tie tack, or worn on your hat, shirt or wherever you like your pins to be. The Monorail Society Pin is only available to The Monorail Society members (click here if you haven't joined TMS). Your membership was free, correct? We still have expenses and we need your support to keep operating. Here's your chance to support The Monorail Society and at the same time own a very nifty collectible/wearable pin! Details on how to purchase pins are in our Monorail Store. Thanks for you support!

At only $6.00, The Monorail Society Pin is an affordable collectible, as well as an excellent monorail promotion tool.


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