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Intamin testing P6 trains at Romon U-park (12/10/14)
Ningbo, China. Intamin Transportation has begun testing seven new P6 monorail trains at Romon U-park in Ningbo, China. Romon U-park is an outdoor/indoor amusement complex nearing completion for a 2015 opening. The new park is similar in configuration to Lotte World in South Korea, with both shopping and amusements. The Intamin single-tracked, two-station loop monorail will connect the shopping mall with the various attractions on a 340 mm wide track. The system features seven P6/18 trains with a maximum capacity of 18 seated passengers each. Trains will depart from stations every 2 minutes and operate at up to 16 km/h. The ride will not only transport guests, but its winding path will give passengers an amazing tour of the extravagantly-themed facility, with great views from 4 to 6 meters above the ground level. Up to 1,100 guests an hour will be able to enjoy the circular route.

Intamin Transportation
Romon Upark

photos courtesy of Intamin Transportation (video captures)


Sentosa: 4 hour wait for rescue (12/05/14)
Sentosa Island, Singapore. Following an electrical power outage at 10:10 pm on Thursday eve, some passengers waited on a Sentosa Express monorail train until 2 am Friday to be rescued. 61 passengers and staff were onboard during the incident. The two-car Hitachi Small train stalled between the Beach and Imbiah stations. Originally a rescue train was going to park parallel to the stalled train to facilitate the evacuation, but technical difficulties prevented that train from moving as well. Even though the train was at a relatively low level of the track, one-by-one evacuation took place by means of four ladders. The system has been repaired and resumed operations at 7 am today. Sentosa Island's Guest Experience team today checked up on affected passengers and gave them fruit baskets as a gesture of good will.

61 rescued from stalled Sentosa monorail train. Channel NewsAsia, 12/05/14.


Magdeburg Panoramabahn closed (12/04/14)
Magdeburg, Germany. The loop excursion monorail at Elbauenpark has closed. The four Intamin trains originally operated at Stuttgart's International Horticultural Exposition in 1993. The trains were then moved and served in 1997 in Gelsenkirchen Nordsternpark for the Federal Garden Show. This was followed by installation and operation at Magdeburg for the 1999 Federal Horticultural Show. After 15 years of operation in three locations, a two million Euro overhaul of the system was necessary to continue operation. Ridership had steadily declined over the years as well. A citizen's petition effort to save the system was unsuccessful. The Magdeburg City Council decided to suspend operations at the end of October. The four trains have been transported back to Intamin and the track will be scrapped for recycling in January.

Panoramabahn farht fur immer davon., 11/22/14.


Broadbeach Monorail to reopen (12/03/14)
Gold Coast, Australia. The last remaining Australian Von Roll Type III monorail is set to reopen December 18th. The monorail connects Oasis Shopping Centre and Jupiters Hotel in Broadbeach, but has been close since October of 2013. The system is 25 years old and needed mechanical refurbishment. During this period the trains also received a facelift with new skins and a thorough cleaning. On site retailers have been anxious for the monorail to open again. Oasis Centre is for sale, which puts the monorail's future fate in the hands of whomever purchases the property.

Monorail to ride again at Broadbeach. ABC Gold Coast, 12/04/14.

Broadbeach Monorail-Monorail Society World List pages


Chennai Monorail moves forward (11/20/14)
Chennai, India. The Chennai Monorail project crossed another hurdle today with an 'in-principle' approval from The Ministry of Urban Development. An official stated, "As per the approval accorded last week, the project will be implemented under design, build, finance, operate and transfer (DBFOT) model with entire funding from the State Government, its agencies and partners under public private partnership without any financial support from the Centre." The system is estimated to cost Rs3,267 crore.

Ministry nod for Chennai Monorail. The Hindu, 11/20/14.


Bombardier targets China (11/06/14)
Berlin, Germany. Bombardier Transportation and CSR Nanjing Puzhen Co. Ltd (CSR Puzhen), two of the world's largest rail suppliers, are creating a joint venture to bring INNOVIA monorails and peoplemovers to China. The country has a fast growing market for such systems in urban areas and at airports. Jianwei Zhang, President of Bombardier China said, "We are proud to continue to take an active role in the future of China’s rail industry with CSR Puzhen. Together, we will offer cost-effective, medium-capacity INNOVIA transit solutions that can help China’s cities to meet their public transportation needs efficiently and sustainably." Bombardier is already active in China's development of mass transit and railways with over 4,000 employees in the country. Pierre Attendu, President, Systems division at Bombardier Transportation said, "This agreement demonstrates the firm commitment of both parties to develop a long-term industrial partnership that addresses China’s urgent need for urban and airport transportation."

Bombardier Announces Joint Venture for China. NetNewsLedger, 11/06/14.


Seattle's voters say no (11/05/14)
Seattle, Washington. Seattle's latest effort to build a citywide monorail was defeated in yesterday's election. Citizen Proposition 1 received only 19.6 percent of voter approval. The memory of the disastrous Seattle Monorail Project (SMP) of the previous decade is still fresh, and anything with the word 'monorail' on it is considered toxic. The so-called CenTran proposal reportedly repeated many of the mistakes of SMP, and voters wanted nothing of it. CenTran's chief proponent, Elizabeth Campbell, remained optimistic after the results became evident, stating she, "looks forward to being part of the continuing dialogue in Seattle. This election cycle has also provided an opportunity for the people of Seattle to clearly and publicly acknowledge that there is a transportation crisis in Seattle." Monorail measures have won four times, and now lost twice since 1997.

Seattle's Latest monorail proposal loses big. Seattle Times, 11/04/14.


Egypt's Prime Minister praises Cairo proposal (10/21/14)
Cairo, Egypt. Sometimes monorails get built when the leader of the country supports them, sometimes. Will that be the case in Egypt? Yesterday, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and an unnamed monorail manufacturer discussed their monorail proposal to link Cairo with 6th of October City. Mahlab stressed that various models for financing could be established for the project, estimated to cost $1.5 billion. The system would be over 20 kilometers in length. The Prime Minister stated the monorail was "a genius solution for traffic."

PM discusses monorail between Cairo, October 6th City. Egypt State Information Service, 10/21/14.


Daegu safety tests under way (10/03/14)
Daegu, South Korea. Rail safety is of major concern to citizens in Daegu. On February 18, 2003, Daegu subway suffered a horrendous arson fire that killed 192 people and injured 151. That disaster led to the decision to build monorail for the city's Line 3. The system was originally scheduled to open this month, yet concerns over safety issues have led to the decision for additional testing. Daegu Metro plans to test the system throughout this coming winter, due to concerns resulting from a major snowstorm that occurred in March of 2010. Two days of evacuation testing recently took place at Mirror Station (Buk-donghodong). Police and fire agencies were involved in the exercise. Daegu Monorail does not have emergency walkways, yet all trains feature 'Spiral Shooter' escape slides for the rare possibility of an extreme emergency situation. Fire suppression operations took place after the evacuation with the use of the water sprinkler system on board the train, external fire hoses and a fire-fighting helicopter. Opening is now planned for the first half of 2015.

Daegu Evacuation
photo courtesy of The Yeongnamilbo

Safety test for Line 3. The Yeongnamilbo, 10/04/14.

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