Disneyland Monorail's new surroundings
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The track is the same, but there are taller supports added here as a new subway for Disneyland Drive (formerly West Street) and pedestrian bridge have been added for Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney, a shopping/entertainment district, is another addition to the resort. Another change is that the monorail track is no longer painted white. In recent years before the resort expansion, the paint got to looking a bit worn out. Now the guideway actually looks almost new since it has been sandblasted.
The old Disneyland Hotel Monorail Station. It was a bit cramped up there, but many of us loved the nostalgic circa-1950's look. Our next shot shows a new station built in the same spot, only with a new name.
Downtown Disney Station! Even on a gray day the landscaping around it looks pretty. It'll be even better when all the plants grow up. The station design resembles large leaves wrapping over the platform and trains. The new Rainforest Cafe is in the building behind.
My favorite monorail track section in the world. This is where the Monorail enters Disneyland, gracefully banks down through the trees and crosses the lagoon (where submarines once cruised, sigh). Since 1959 the Disneyland Monorail has crossed over the traffic of the Autopia below and still there have been no collisions with the scale automobiles. Of course in the "real world" the experts know it's better to put your trolley trains right down there in the traffic, isn't that right? There's that Pedersen sarcasm again, forgive me.
And finally, another lesson on how landscaping looks great with monorail. Notice the vines growing on the stanchion. This is right by the Disneyland Matterhorn attraction. Hope you enjoyed my pictures.

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